Not only is music a lot of fun, it also provides significant cognitive and physical benefits. Learning a musical instrument has been shown to improve reading, listening and processing abilities, enhance memory and spatial-temporal skills, and build confidence and self-discipline. At NSPA, we offer lessons in singing, guitar and piano, with opportunities for performance as well as exams with both the Trinity College of London and ABRSM. We offer performing opportunities and also exams with both Trinity College of London and ABRSM.



Guitar and Piano Lessons

We offer one-on-one guitar and piano lessons with individualised teaching so you can learn at your own pace with your teacher’s undivided attention. Instrumental lessons are proven to:

  • Stimulate multiple patterns of brain development
  • Improve the reading skills of young children
  • Boost gains in memory
  • Improve verbal fluency
  • Increase speed in processing information
  • Improve planning abilities
  • Increase IQ




Vocal Lessons

Whether you want to work on your technique and harmonies or improve your performance skills, our private singing lessons are fun, lively and confidence-building.